Idea Engine


we build worlds


imagining a better world, working hard to make it happen.

Clever Society is on a mission to empower social innovators through the magic of story and the power of strategy.


you can usually find us telling stories

Our process thrives on imagination. With storytelling at our core, we push ideas outside of the norm and explore the edges of what is possible today. We know how to move seamlessly from a dream to a creative strategy for bringing something new into being.



Laying out the story needed to make the journey happen. We help brands uncover the business and cultural insight necessary to create lasting impact.


Stories are . We take concepts and push them to the limit. We work with you to bring new worlds to life.


We develop immersive experiences which question the way we live, work and play. We build multimedia entertainment focused on bringing people together.


We aim to directly address missing perspectives in visual media, technology and design through education and engagement. We work with creative leaders using storytelling and technology to build ideas for the future.



—Awards —

toronto offsite design festival top 10 exhibitions 2018

Dorothy hoover award 2018


—Client List —

Ocad university

mutek_img festival panelist 2018

new york university itp camp 2018

Hamilton black youth poets

Portrait Photographer Naskademini