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Clever Society aims to directly address missing perspectives in film, technology and design.  Using immersive media, and storytelling, we create products, exhibitions, events and classes for exploring ideas outside of current societal constraints. Clever Society works with creative leaders who are collectively using storytelling and technology to build ideas for our future.


speculative design

Speculative design uses storytelling to explore ideas outside of physical constraints. We view this type of design as a powerful tool for exploring social innovation and reframing socio-economic issues through narrative and story. Under this framework, we design everything from custom tools, prototypes and systems.


Our events are immersive stories. Participants are dropped into another reality where they question the way we live, work and play.  We work with partners every year to host exhibitions focused on independent filmmaking and social innovation through critical and collaborative design. Our events are an opportunity to take a look at where the future may be going and ensure that Black, intersectional experiences are represented there.



We are passionate about lifelong learning. We know that the world moves fast and we’re invested in keeping up with a rapidly changing landscape. To help you stay up to date, Clever Society hosts classes and workshops focused on building skills in new media, design and technology. Each class/ workshop consists of an immersive design challenge, focused on teaching fabrication skills, critical design and technology development through making. These classes provide access to technology in a way which provides opportunities for both experienced and inexperienced makers.


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toronto offsite design festival top 10 exhibitions 2018

Dorothy hoover award 2018


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Ocad university

mutek_img festival panelist 2018

new york university itp camp 2018

Hamilton black youth poets


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