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When I started developing my brand strategy and visual identity, I had been practicing graphic design for a number of years and was under the impression that it would be simple. This task however was like starting from scratch. I would spend months doing research as to what went into creating a brand. After much reading, sketching and failing miserably, I had to stop and ask myself a question,

A simple enough question. Yet it would take me a full year to arrive at an answer which I felt comfortable with. Who I was never seemed like a mystery to me. But when prompted to understand what I represented and how to present this to the world, I began to encounter problems. As I learned and went through different experiences I realized how fluid this concept of me was.  As people we constantly shift and change; location, appearance, opinion, interests. But these were the superficial surface qualities I would need to strip away. Deeper than that I found my passions, my values, my story and my identity. All wrapped neatly in the cultures I've participated in. Once I found these parts of myself, the rest came naturally. Here I share with you what I learned during this process.




Why is your brand important?

Whether you know it or not you have a brand, it is your reputation, your identity. A strong brand strategy is what differentiates you from every other person, group or business. It requires being true to these qualities and using them effectively.

Your goal is to connect emotionally with your audience, If you can, your brand will create irreplaceable lifelong relationships. 


Think about more than just visuals

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word "branding" is a logo. However, a visual identity (logo, letterhead, business cards, etc.) Is only part of the story. A successful brand uses well designed and beautiful imagery,  but goes deeper. How a brand is perceived affects its success whether it's an individual, start up, product or existing business. And this perception is largely shaped by every point of interaction someone has with your brand.


Develop a strategy!

Your strategy is in the images you convey, the messages you deliver, the way you interact with your audience and what their opinions of you are. A strong strategy provides,


Help customers or audiences make choices and understand what is right for them.


Communicate the intrinsic quality and value you offer.


Use distinctive imagery, language and associations to encourage people to identify with your brand.


What should you think about?

If you're just starting to brand yourself or thinking about an existing personal or company brand, here are some important aspects to think about.



What makes you or what you do unique? How do you compete with the competition? Why are you irreplaceable? 



What will you do to improve and benefit the lives of your customers and audience?



Why are you doing what you do? What are your passions, your skills and your experiences? What is the story being the brand? Your story is sometimes not even told by you, so think about the signals you send and how people might interpret your story.



What emotions do you want to convey to your audience? How do you want them to feel about your brand?



What set of traits allow your audience relate to your brand?



How do you want the visual aspects of your brand to be perceived by your audience? These are the attributes which will identify and distinguish your brand. (Name, communication style, logo and other visual elements)

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