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computer BRAIN interfacing is here

(Massively immersive neural interface)  

deeper than the display

The MINI removes all barriers between your mind and the digital world. By combining multiple levels of sensory data, you can interact with the digital world like never before. It works as a microphone, speaker and transmission device between your computer and brain.


Built in audio processing listens for your unique voice and can discern between thousands of different environmental sounds.

360° Speaker

The 360 ° speaker creates the sensation of being totally immersed in your digital environment. With sound seemingly coming from every direction.

wireless transmission

 Signals can be sent and received wirelessly to and from your brain, causing controlled visual and sensory hallucination and feedback.

Total immersion


 digital information to neural pattern

Using a small implanted device, users can completely immerse themselves in digital experiences, without the use of traditional displays. Environmental models are converted into electrical impulse signals and sent directly to the appropriate neurons.

see, smell, touch and hear your digital world 


step into your world


Warning: MINI Immersion device has the potential to create delusionary experiences when not in use. If you are having difficulty remaining attached to reality, please consult a doctor immediately.


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