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DELICIOUSly mind altering

Synthetic biology has rapidly shifted from scientific research into a large profitable industry. Companies now mass produce valuable chemical making microbes. Many of them operating within the pharmaceutical industry, creating drugs and fragrances. 

At Mood Bar we use our bioreactors to tackle a different problem... your social inadequacies! Using a group of patented synthetic microbes, we've perfected a system capable of synthesizing pure human qualities in delicious liquid form.  


welcome to social biochemistry

comes in 3 great flavours:


Become the charming person you've always been deep down. One sip of charm and you'll be impressing everyone you know with your delightfully new personality!


You too can be brimming with confidence in just a few minutes. Know the feeling of self-assurance and never doubt anything ever again!* 


Missing that burning desire to do something meaningful with your life? Has the drudgery of everyday life sapped you of all enthusiasm and purpose? Suffer no more, the solution is here, and it's in liquid form.  


Warning: Consumption of more than 3 mood bar beverages may cause unwanted side effects

* effects last for 60 minutes



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