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Explorer Training

You've spent your entire life on earth, it's time to explore. Join the thousands of hopeful space citizens on a journey towards building a new life in space.

SpaceCamp consists of a series of workshops and training events focused on providing you with the skills to excel in an increasingly technological future. Workshops focus on collaborative design and making; using a variety of tools.

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Light and Motion

This workshop will give you a set of tools for building simple arduino based devices using light and sound. We'll teach you to the basics of open source electronic prototyping, introducing you to the world of interactive objects.


Critical Robotics 1

Two servo motors and a dream. Learn about building circuits and simple controllable robots using servo motors. Then drive your robot through programming or controllers such as buttons, joysticks and dials.

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critical robotics: Sensors

How many senses does a robot have? As many as you give it. Learn about how sensors gather data about the physical world.


Critical Robotics: Sound

Give your robots the power of language and music. Come find out how.


3D printing your kitchen

You'll need to eat where you're going. Learn how to design and print systems for growing your pantry.