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You've spent your entire life on earth, it's time to explore. Build a new life in space.


residency program

design for speculative worlds

Design for Speculative Worlds is a collaborative new media residency combining elements of filmmaking and industrial design. Cohort members will collaboratively develop a vision of the future through storytelling, and work to bring that future to life. Guided by and working closely with professional designers and mentors, young creatives will learn how to develop, present and build their ideas.

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a sustainable lifestyle

What is your ideal creative lifestyle? We try to create a model for completely sustainable living.

studio space

We provide a space to work and play while you build your future.

Storytelling + design

Collective storytelling drives our decision making. We design through the process of building a story.






How do you plan out a story? Learn about frames of time, transitions, thumbnailing and storyboards.

character design

How are interesting characters born? What is a responsible member of society? Learn how to develop fictional characters for storytelling.



Space station design

How do you design an object at large scales? Using reference to design fictional environments.

model making / prototyping

How do you hold something that doesn't exist? Building prototypes using low cost + sustainable materials.



the kitchen economy

What will eating look like in the future? Looking at the kitchen as a micro-factory, we try to unthink traditional food storage and preparation.  

the living studio

Can we work and live better? Designing and building scalable, cost effective and sustainable studios and workspaces.



interplanetary fashion design

Pack for your trip to mars. Learn about getting wearable ideas on paper. Fashion design for film.

design for space

How do you design something that doesn't exist? Learn about speculative design for film.