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wander is a series of stories experienced through the lives of various characters. With each character you discover a bit more about the world they inhabit and what it's like to live there.








ep 1

You are now Kira Bedali, a Caribbean biology researcher living in the year 2045 on a space station orbiting one of Saturn's moons. Follow her daily life and work, as she battles the physical isolation and mental strain of interplanetary travel. See through her eyes as she copes with this incredible experience. 

Kira's past and the reasons for her isolation become evident as you live her days vicariously. Her environment and personal belongings provide insight into her dreams and fears but only if you look close enough. 





As the "player" you see what Kira sees working in her floating laboratory.


physical interfaces provide a tactile experience outside of VR. People watching you play the game are given the ability to change things in Kira's lab, in real time.


production design


see it live

curated vr Experience

Experienced in virtual reality, viewers are able to interact with the environment as they progress through the story.

Visitors explore Kira's lab and try to understand the character on a deeper level.





The objects in the story are given a great amount of focus. These are not props locked to a two-dimensional existence on screen. These are potentially real objects, designed to be digitally fabricated using methods such as 3D printing and laser cutting, and brought to life using Arduino based electronics and code.


art direction (virtuality)



artificially intelligent companion

While Kira is physically alone, she shares her home with an emotive artificial intelligence named vibe.

Vibe is an emotive, childish and creative being. Expressing itself through a variety of personas and animated displays throughout the story.

This character interacts with Kira in a variety of different ways: guiding the viewer using audio, gestures and visuals. 


A virtual world exists on Kira's computer. Connected to Earth through a network of virtual spaces; Wander is the evolved social internet.

When you were younger and less bitter, the world was yours.
— a decommissioned mind




Diversity in Science Fiction

This story represents a personal step towards representation in the area of science fiction and technology, directly addressing the erasure of POC in this genre and industry.

critical design

Kira's lab is an experiment in sustainable living. Using industrial design techniques in ideating for this story has provided unique insights and potential innovations.

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hybrid media

This project has pushed me to discover new ways of presenting, experiencing and developing ideas using storytelling. VR, AR, open source electronics and graphics software are just some of the tools I've used so far.

mental health and marginalized experiences

Kira's experiences in the story and the subsequent effect on her mental health, mirror the experiences of many people of colour in North America. Where it is common to feel unsafe, alienated and powerless in almost every area of society.